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Joey’s Selected Poetry

We are only here for a limited time


by Joseph Isaac Vogel

Edited by Yvette A. Vogel

and Hindy H. Taub

Copyright © 2019 by Joseph Isaac Vogel


Below is an excerpt from Joey's Selected Poetry which was published by the Vogel family in memory of Joey. The book is available on Amazon.

We are only here for a limited time.

Does money really define?
Does beauty really define?
Does work ethic really define?
Does intelligence really define?
All of these qualities are needed to be,
but there must be something bigger, you see.
I feel that being kind, helping others,
being close to family is divine.
Everything else is second best.
It’s not the way you dress that measures success,
just do your best.
The way you handle yourself is your test.
The measure of a man is how much in others you invest.
We are only here for a limited time.
Be kind to one another.
Smile with your sisters and your brothers, they are like no other.
Stay away from negativity,
express your creativity,
spend time with your family and friends,
make amends,
don’t follow the trends.
Appreciate what you have in life,
get through internal and outer strife.
Just enjoy every single day,
love one another and pray.


Copyright © 2019 by Joseph Isaac Vogel

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